Each year, Vurnik Days commemorate the birth of architect Ivan Vurnik, who was born on 1 June 1884 in Radovljica, where he spent most of his life and died in 1971. The events that were held as part of Radovljica’s Local Community holiday and marked the 132nd anniversary of architect Ivan Vurnik’s birth took place between 1 May and 30 June 2016.

Exhibition Vurnik’s Workers’ Colony in Maribor – Inspiration for Contemporary Neighbourhood Design

The central event was the opening of the exhibition VURNIK’S WORKERS’ COLONY in Maribor – Inspiration for Contemporary Neighbourhood Design, where the students from the Faculty of Architecture in Maribor presented their thoughts on contemporary ways of living and town planning, while respecting the tradition and influences of architect Vurnik on the design of residential neighbourhoods.

Architectural field trip Vurnik Trail 2016

On Saturday, 11 June, we prepared the third Vurnik Trail, an exceptionally interesting journey through the legacy of Ivan Vurnik and Helena Kottler Vurnik and architect Maks Fabiani – in 2015 we celebrated the 150th anniversary of his birth. The journey took us from Radovljica to Trieste and Štanjel, where we visited their most famous works. Finally, we saw a theatre play entitled Fabiani – The Art of Living in the Nova Gorica Slovenian National Theatre. We were accompanied by Dr. Andrej Smrekar, curator of the National Gallery of Slovenia, and architect Robert Potokar.

Playful Architecture workshops: Architect Ivan Vurnik and Painter Helena Kottler Vurnik

8th class pupils of the Municipality of Radovljica’s primary schools took part in Playful Architecture workshops, entitled Architect Ivan Vurnik and Painter Helena Kottler Vurnik, held by Center arhitekture Slovenije at the Šivec House Gallery.

Culinary events

On Wednesday, 1 June 2016 at 5.30 p.m., KUD Linhartov oder held Pozdrav trti (A Toast to the Vine) at the Kunstelj inn garden, with poetry by Tone Pavček, and directed and selected by Alenka Bole Vrabec.

On Monday, 30 May, the elderly at nursing home Dom dr. Janka Benedika baked Vurnik’s cookies, which were then offered to guests attending the opening of the exhibition at the Šivec House Gallery.

The VURNIK’S TASTING MENU was also available during Vurnik Days 2016, a culinary surprise Okusi Radol’ce – created by renowned chef Uroš Štefelin.

Music events

Friday, 3 June 2016 at 8:30 p.m., atrium of the Radovljica rectory: Alenka Bole Vrabec gave a recital entitled Pavček’s Angels, accompanied by the harp.

Tuesday, 7. June 2016 at 17:00 p.m., Radovljica mansion hall: performance of chamber groups and presentation of awards to the best students of the Radovljica Music School.