Each year, Vurnik Days commemorate the birth of architect Ivan Vurnik, who was born on 1 June 1884 in Radovljica, where he spent most of his life and died in 1971. The events that were held as part of Radovljica’s Local Community holiday and marked the 130th anniversary of architect Ivan Vurnik’s birth took place between 16 May and 1 June 2014.

Temporary exhibition to mark the 130th anniversary of arhitect Ivan Vurnik’s birth

At the Šivec House Gallery, a temporary EXHIBITION TO MARK THE 130TH ANNIVERSARY OF ARHITECT IVAN VURNIK’S BIRTH was held between 16 May and 1 June, which presented Vurnik’s important architectural works and some of his personal belongings from the Žumer family collection.

Exhibition Ivan Vurnik and Helena Kottler Vurnik: Souvenirs and Visual Identities

Between 16 May and 1 June, an exhibition was held at the Radovljica Mansion entitled IVAN VURNIK AND HELENA KOTTLER VURNIK: SOUVENIRS AND VISUAL IDENTITIES – “VURNIK DAYS 2014”. The exhibition featured the works by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students of Industrial Design at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design of the University of Ljubljana, under the supervision of Prof. Vladimir Pezdirc and Assist. Prof. Jure Miklavc, and Graphic Design students, under the supervision of Prof. Ranko Novak.

The best souvenir designs by Industrial Design students were selected for production.

Exhibition Library within a Library

Between 23 May and 15 June 2014 an exhibition called LIBRARY WITHIN A LIBRARY was held at the Anton Tomaž Linhart Library in Radovljica, dedicated to Radovljica’s jubilee, i.e. the 130th anniversary of architect Ivan Vurnik’s birth, prepared by Stane Adam and Jure Sinobad. The exhibition presented the materials prepared under the public tender for the National and University Library of Ljubljana, in which the first prize was given to architect Ivan Vurnik but, due to unforeseen circumstances, architect Jože Plečnik's idea was brought to life in the end.

Ivan Vurnik – Architect, Professor, and Innovator

The main event IVAN VURNIK – ARCHITECT, PROFESSOR, AND INNOVATOR took place at the Radovljica Mansion on May 31, 2014. There was a discussion with Prof. Janez Koželj and Dr. Gojko Zupan, hosted by Tadeja Zupan Arsov. They shed light on the work and life of architect Ivan Vurnik and his wife Helena Kottler Vurnik and placed them within the context of their time and art movements.

The accompanying program provided a video projection exhibition of photographer Miran Kambič's photos, featuring the works of architect Ivan Vurnik and painter Helena Kottler Vurnik, and an original soundtrack by the composer and guitarist Aleksander Arsov.

Architectural field trip Vurnik Trail 2014

On Saturday, May 31, 2014, the art historian and critic, Dr. Peter Krečič, offered a guided tour of architectural works called VURNIK’S TRAIL 2014 (the Sokolski dom Hall at Tabor, Cooperative Commercial Bank, St. Peter's Church, Institute of Anatomy in Ljubljana; the Mary Help of Christians basilica and the Chapel of St. Francis of Assisi in Brezje; and Grajski dvor hotel and Villa Savnik in Radovljica).

Guide to Ivan Vurnik's Architectural Work

We prepared the Guide to Ivan Vurnik's Architectural Work, which is free of charge and available at tourist information centres across Slovenia. This guide is accessible to anyone interested in the lives and work of the architect and his wife. It also accompanies the souvenirs from The Gift of Slovenian Architecture collection.

Playful Architecture workshops: Ivan Vurnik and Helena Kottler Vurnik – Ornament in Architecture

PLAYFUL ARCHITECTURE workshops for primary school children were held under the title IVAN VURNIK AND HELENA KOTTLER VURNIK – ORNAMENT IN ARCHITECTURE at the Šivec House Gallery between 26 and 30 May 2014.

Vurnik tour for children

The pupils from the Trnovo Primary School were given a Vurnik tour around Ljubljana and shown his architectural works.

Documentary feature Iskalca (Seekers)

On Sunday, June 1, 2014 at 5:20 p.m., there was a rerun of the documentary feature Iskalca (Seekers) on the national TV channel TV SLO 1. The feature, directed by Alma Lapajne, tells the story of the lives and work of Ivan Vurnik and his wife.

Culinary events

During the project preparation we looked into the Vurniks’ everyday and holiday habits, and obtained information from Vurniks’ housekeeper, who still lives in a retirement home in Radovljica. In preparing the menu, chef Uroš Štefelin brought his own take on the dishes that the couple liked the most. At Vila Podvin restaurant in Mošnje it was possible to try Vurnik’s tasting menu, a culinary surprise (Okusi Radol’ce).

Themed window display Vurnik Days 2014

At the ARS Gallery, managed by Mladinska knjiga Bookstore in Ljubljana, a VURNIK DAYS 2014 themed window display was set up.

Extensive efforts were made to disseminate information. All households in Radovljica were informed about the events under Vurnik Days 2014. Local and national media extensively reported on the project. Media partners: DELO, Radio Slovenija, Radiotelevizija Slovenija, Gorenjski Glas, Radio Triglav Jesenice, Gorenjska televizija, and various web portals.