Each year, Vurnik Days commemorate the birth of architect Ivan Vurnik, who was born on 1 June 1884 in Radovljica, where he spent most of his life and died in 1971. The events that were held as part of Radovljica’s Local Community holiday and marked the 131st anniversary of architect Ivan Vurnik’s birth took place between 8 May and 2 June 2015.

Exhibition Vurnik’s Workers’ Colony in Maribor – Architect Ivan Vurnik

The exhibition at the Šivec House Gallery held in 2015 presented less known architect’s work, i.e. Vurnik’s workers’ colony in Maribor. The exhibition was prepared by art historian Dr. Marjeta Ciglenečki, Associate Professor at the Art History Department of the Faculty of Arts of the University of Maribor and senior research fellow at the France Stele Institute of Art History of the Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences of Arts, who also wrote the book Vurnikova kolonija v Mariboru (The Vurnik Colony in Maribor) published by Založba ZRC in autumn 2014. Photographs by Miran Kambič were exhibited as well.

After the opening ceremony, the exhibition’s author, Dr. Marjeta Ciglenečki, led a tour of the exhibition.

The exhibition was produced in collaboration of Research Station of ZRC SAZU Maribor and Center arhitekture Slovenije. During the exhibition two guided tours and two Playful Architecture workshops took place to the topic of architect Ivan Vurnik.

Juta Krulc exhibition: Life with Gardens

At the Dessa Gallery in Ljubljana, an exhibition by Vurnik’s student, Juta Krulc, was opened on Vurnik’s birthday, 1 June, entitled Life with Gardens. In collaboration with the Dessa Gallery, Center arhitekture Slovenije prepared an exhibition of her original garden designs and drawings. The exhibition was opened by art historian Gojko Zupan, MA.

Architectural field trip Vurnik Trail 2015

On Sunday, 31 May 2015, we prepared an architectural field trip, Vurnik Trail 2015, guided by Dr. Andrej Smrekar, curator of the National Gallery of Slovenia. We visited Saint Peter’s Church on Trubarjeva cesta, whose façade was renovated in the late 1930s by Ivan Vurnik, while the mosaics on the façade are by painter Helena Kottler Vurnik; we also admired her paintings inside the church. Our next stop was the Cathedral, where we saw Helena Kottler Vurnik’s painting Mary, Queen of May. Then we visited the former Cooperative Commercial Bank building on Miklošičeva cesta, and from there took a bus to Saint Catherine’s Church at Topol pri Medvode. Our final stop was the old Radovljica cemetery where we saw the tombs of Vurnik and Resman Vidic families.

Culinary events

The VURNIK’S TASTING MENU was also available during Vurnik Days 2015, a culinary surprise Okusi Radol’ce – created by renowned chef Uroš Štefelin.