“Come, quickly, to the spoon!” says the cosy and turns the handle toward northsouthwest; the female cosy joins him, full of curiosity, and they circle above the city. (Svetlana Makarovič: Cosies on the Flying Spoon)

The vegetables in the design spoon of the renowned chef Luka Košir did not grow in Cossoviria, but in the soil of our ancestors’ tradition. The fairy-tale world of Svetlana Makarovič is home to an abundance of tomatoes that ripe every hour on the cosies’ spoon. But we had to patiently wait until autumn for the vegetables and other products of Polhov Gradec Hills. People do not use spoons for flying, but when we taste things we have feelings similar to those of cosies. Or are we the only beings that are carried by the spoon, even if just for a moment, beyond the reality of the Earth – this we do not know.

Chef: Luka Košir
Architects: Špela Kuhar and Barbara Viki Šubic
Spoons made by: Hinko Košir