DESSA Gallery, Ljubljana
6 March 2017

The second exhibition in the series To The Fore presented, to the professional and general community, an important part of the anonymous and withheld European cultural heritage of the 20th century created by women active in architecture, interior and industrial design, landscape architecture, urban design, and civil engineering, i.e. fields that are traditionally in the domain of male professions. The second exhibition was also prepared in collaboration with the France Stele Institute of Art History of ZRC SAZU and the DESSA Gallery. This time Darinka Battelino, Alenka Kham Pičman, Janja Lap, Sonja Lapajne Oblak, Dana Pajnič, Lidija Podbregar Vasle, Barbara Rot, née Demšar, Olga Rusanova, Erna Tomšič, and Mojca Vogelnik were deservedly featured. Their works, which were, as a result of social prejudice, created in the shadow of professionally more acknowledged and known professors, colleagues, fathers, and husbands, were showcased until mid-April 2017.