Planinski muzej Slovenije, Mojstrana
20 June 2014 to 28 September 2014

On the 120th anniversary of completing the first hut of the Slovenian Mountaineering Society, the Slovenian Alpine Museum in Mojstrana and Center arhitekture Slovenije put together the exhibition MOUNTAIN HUTS.

The exhibition addressed light and dark sides of mountain huts. It consisted of three segments that acquainted the visitors with the huts’ positive aspects, shocked them with negative ones, and showed how to change something bad into something good.

At the beginning of the exhibition each visitor was given a small board symbolising the carrying of logs up to a mountain hut. In the end, the visitor included the board into the emerging model of a wooden hut. The involvement in the construction encourages the awareness about joining forces for change. The exhibition was open between 20 June 2014 and 28 September 2014.