On Saturday, 10 June 2017, we set off on the fourth Vurnik Trail, which each year leads us to the places where architect Ivan Vurnik and painter Helena Kottler Vurnik left their mark. This year, we visited the Vurnik’s Workers’ Colony in Maribor and other interesting architectural works from various periods to contemporaneity. First we visited Vurnik’s Workers’ Colony, under guidance by Dr. Marjeta Ciglenečki, including the interiors of two housing units. We continued our trip to the city centre where, under guidance by architects Assist. Prof. Robert Potokar and Nives Čorak, we went to see the railway station (architect Milan Černigoj, 1949‒55), the 14th century synagogue, mansion Naskov dvorec/Vetrinjski dvor (ARREA, architects Maruša Zorec and Matjaž Bolčina, 2009), a monument to NOB (sculptor Slavko Tihec, 1975), Hutter’s block of flats (architects Aleksander Dev and Jaroslav Černigoj, 1941), and puppet theatre Lutkovno gledališče Maribor (ATELIERarhitekti, Jurij Kobe, 2010) guided by managing and artistic director Katarina Klančnik Kocutar. Vurnik Trail ended in the Church of Saint John Bosco (DANS arhitekti, 2015) where we were treated to a music performance (Renata Gračnar, soprano; Mitja Krajnc, tenor; Neja Skrbiš, piano; Živa Skrbiš, flute).