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The concept of Vurnik’s Days was designed in 2014 to mark the 130th anniversary of the birth of Ivan Vurnik; CAS took over its organisation. In preparing the events we wanted to address as broad an audience as possible, i.e. both professional and lay audiences, which is why we designed a very broad range of activities and events.

Ivan Vurnik dedicated his life’s work to architecture. Annually, ever since 2014, we have prepared an exhibition shedding light on his work and the work of his spouse Helena Kottler Vurnik. The architect was a dedicated educator, so each year the students from various faculties are invited to take part in these exhibitions. Igriva arhitektura (Playful Architecture) workshops are also part of teaching activities for primary school children in the Municipality of Radovljica.

Architect Ivan Vurnik was very inquisitive, he liked to travel and explore the trends in architecture around the world. Therefore each year we organise the Vurnik Trail, which includes at least one work by the Vurniks, while we also present other outstanding cases of contemporary Slovenian architecture and cultural heritage.

The everyday life of the Vurniks inspired the Vurnik Menu, designed by chef Uroš Štefelin, who brought a modern take on the Vurniks’ everyday and holiday culinary habits.

The traditional baking of cookies in a retirement home in Radovljica, which accompanies the exhibition, testifies to the fact that Ivan Vurnik had a sweet tooth, which was also confirmed by their former housekeeper.

All these events are inspired by the life of the Vurniks and pay homage to their life and work.

Each year various public institutions and organisations are included in the preparation of the events that help us to present the architect, his wife, and their creative opus. Education is one of our most important goals; in this project architectural heritage is presented through the lens of various fields to address a broad range of audiences – the young and the old, lay and expert communities, etc., also reaching visitors and tourists from abroad with The Gift of Slovenian Architecture.

Everyone is different, we are interested in different things and excited by different events. Therefore, we dedicate much of our creation to innovative approaches in education and promotion of architecture and architectural heritage.

Architect Ivan Vurnik (1884–1971) with painter and designer Helena Kottler Vurnik (1882–1962)
Vurnik Trail on Miklošičeva road. Photo: Renske Svetlin