DESSA Gallery, Ljubljana
27 June 2016

Architecture exhibition To the Fore: The exhibition Female Pioneers of Slovenian Architecture and Design, prepared by Centre of Architecture and the France Stele Institute of Art History of ZRC SAZU, in collaboration with DESSA Gallery, is thematically part of the activities of the international interdisciplinary project MoMoWo – women’s creativity since the Modern Movement, with a view to present to the professional and general community an important part of the “anonymous” and withheld European cultural heritage of the 20th century created by women active in architecture, interior and industrial design, landscape architecture, and urban design, i.e. fields that are (supposed to be) in the traditional domain of male professions. The works of 10 female architects were presented, i.e. from the first pre-war graduates under Jože Plečnik and Ivan Vurnik to the first post-war generation of the architects who finished their studies under Edvard Ravnikar and Edo Mihevc.